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Why You Should be Using Call Tracking


Most law firms have numerous lead sources like firm websites, blogs, TV ads, legal directories, flyers, etc. The question is, how do you know which sources are pulling in the most clients?

One simple way to collect accurate data on your lead sources is to use a Call Tracking Solution.

There are many different vendors out there offering Call Tracking Solutions and each plan offers different options and services. However, the basic concept is that you assign a unique tracking number to each of your lead sources. For example a unique number for Facebook Ads, one for TV ads, one for flyers etc. Each of these numbers would be setup to ring to your main number.

The call tracking solution will give you reports which will tell you where the caller called from and which lead source pulled them in. If you have a high volume PPC campaign, you will need some more advanced features which will allow you to get more data such as what keyword that person searched for.

Having accurate lead source data is the first step to calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) and being able to allocate your marketing budget based on performance, not on wild guesses.

If you need help installing a call tracking solution or have more questions please contact us using the form on this page.

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