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What your Law Firm can learn from Super Bowl Ads

Why do we still remember the Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola ad?

Even after watching this commercial hundreds of times I still smile at the end. The ad is iconic because of the masterful way in which it elicits emotions from the viewer.

Emotions are powerful in marketing. Emotions are in fact why we buy. Look at your smartphone. Chances are you didn’t buy it solely on its technical specs but based on the way that phone made you feel. The beauty, the build quality, the brand status all made you feel a certain way and influenced your buying decision. It may not be that way every time, but if you look back objectively on your recent purchases, you’ll find that emotions played a bigger part than you may have initially realized.

Now what if we could leverage emotions for our law firm advertising? Some of you may have just rolled your eyes sarcastically thinking, “this can work great for smartphones but not for legal services.”

Stop and think about your client for a second. If the person is facing a criminal charge they feel scared, angry, anxious, and worried. What about accident victims or those applying for disability benefits? What about divorce? Lots of emotions, right? These clients don’t care about the certificates hanging on your wall. They are looking for someone who will make them feel at ease.

I recently came across a great article by Helen Edwards at Wordstream: The Emotional Science Behind PPC Ads. She gives excellent advice on how to create emotional ads and shares some data on how these ads improved the PPC campaigns of her clients. She even gives some specific examples from ads she created for law firms. Give it a read.

Have you ever tried using emotional ads? Is this something you would like to learn more about? Are you skeptical? Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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